Brewing & Distilling Industry

Quality Control For Commercial Food Grade Mixers

The commercial brewing and distillery industry requires more than just food grade mixers. Application knowledge of the brewing and distilling process is in order to optimizing distillery processes for energy usage and product quality. Distillery processes are energy intensive, especially in the brew-houses where mashing and wort boiling are the main heat consuming processes with high fuel consumption. Water consumption is another key factor as it’s a substantial ingredient of beer, composing of 90-95 percent of beer or other spirits and is involved in almost every process.

When mixers are correctly matched to the tank size and the ingredient mixture, time needed for complete uniformity can be significantly reduced for production. This also decreases output wastage related to the equipment efficiency. Request a quote to begin a discussion with one of our application experts, or to get a quick price quote.

Custom Configured Mixers
Mixer For Larger Tanks

Keep your product consistent with Premix’s line of large mixers: DMX and GMX Series. Call us today or get a quote.

Mixing In Ingredients

Premix’s mixers are ideal for mixing in ingredients for your product. Specially configured to meet your mixing objectives with the right combination of drive, HP and impeller.

Product Quality A Priority

For all the stages of brewing or distilling that require mixing, Premix can help you to efficiently achieve the highest standards of quality for your products.