Chemical Mixers

Chemical Mixers Should Be Designed For Your Application And Process. A One Size Fits All Approach Ignores The Importance Of Mixing In The Product Or Process Control.

Batch chemical mixing is a widely disregarded mixing process. Too often Premix replaces mixers that are installed without proper attention to the tank, chemical process, or the quality control required for the chemical / product composition. This is why we maintain one of the most highly configurable product lines. We do not work with our clients with a “one size fits all approach”. We work through our reps to configure and optimize your chemical mixer.

Industrial chemical mixers need to be configurable for a wide range of processes, applications and chemical mixing tank designs. Properly engineered/configured chemical mixers and agitators will improve the overall chemical process. This should be the goal of any industrial chemical mixer.


Premix engineers can configure mixers to address your industrial chemical and process needs. Request a quote to start the discussion with our experts, or to get a quick price quote. Premix will provide these agitators with generous service factors and industry leading warranties. Just let us know more about your application and chemical mixing tank design.

It is easy to size a high rpm mixer. It will “mix”, but the image to the right explains the difference between a high rpm (300rpm or greater) mixer, and one that is carefully designed with higher torque to offer an optimized (quality and energy) chemical mixing solution.

Custom Configured Mixers