Mixers For The Mining & Mineral Processing Industries

Premix was borne out of the extreme demands of the mineral processing industry. Our high-performance mixers are backed by robust design and engineering mixing principles. From rugged processes to corrosive applications, our mixers can endure your most challenging mining processes.


Mixing solutions for mining and mineral processes require the combination of mechanical design, materials of construction, and the proper process knowledge. Mining mixers must be able to withstand extreme applications and conditions and rugged processes such as ore slurrification, solid/liquid separations in decantation and attrition scrubbing involving corrosive chemicals, abrasive minerals and acidic wastewater byproducts.

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Coated Impellers - Pvdf Coatings, Rubber Coatings, Teflon Coatings And More ...

Customized Mixers For Your Mining Project

Work with our mining mixer experts to design a heavy-duty mixer for your mining and refining project: from ore leaching, to counter current decantation, to flotation, to conditioning, and attrition scrubbing processes, and more.

Water Treatment Industry

  • Counter Current Decantation
  • Ore Leaching
  • Ore Conditioning
  • Attrition Scrubbers
  • Atmospheric Digestion
  • Absorption & Solvent Extraction Circuits
  • Pressure Oxidation
  • Slurry Make Down

Oil And Gas Industry

  • Reagent & Waste Treatment
  • Lime Neutralization
  • Coagulation
  • Chemical Precipitation
  • Brine Reactors
  • Cyanide Decomposition
  • Primary & Secondary Stage Flocculation
PVDF Coating - Wetted Parts
Rubber Coatings for Impellers