Quality Control In A Commercial Grade Paint Mixer

It is our goal to optimize your paint mixing application with every industrial paint mixer we design.

Paint mixers for commercial and industrial use require a design that integrates strong commercial-grade service elements with a time-to-unity (quality) balance.

Our industrial paint mixers provide optimal process time while controlling the quality of your finished product. You will be able to ensure that your paint meets the necessary mixing time in addition to being at specification thanks to our industry-leading Solution Assurance, which will specify and guarantee your time to uniformity.

Premix offers a comprehensive range of industrial paint mixers to help you maintain quality control over your paints and coatings... For manufacture, transportation, storage, and application quality control, Premix mixer is suitable for every phase of the process.

Due to the greater viscosity requirements of water-based coatings, primers, electrocoats, and resins, our method of commercial and industrial paint mixing is widely trusted.

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